FG/G4SGX – Guadeloupe

Iain, G4SGX will be active from Guadeloupe between May 13-19, 2015. QRV on HF bands, mostly CW. QSL via H/c, LoTW. FIRST FOR DX NEWS – DX-WORLD.NET
03-May-2015, 21:05:05 (www.dx-world.net)

V73D – Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands

After T30D in 2014 our group has decided to go to Majuro, Marshall Islands, in October 2015, 13-28th. The team includes Bert, DL2RNS, Georg, DL4SVA, Rudolf, DK3CG, Sid, DM2AYO, Günter, DL2AWG, Hans, DL6JGN, Heye, DJ9RR, Joe, DK5WL, Franz, DL9GFB, Wolf, DM2AUJ and Rolf, DL7VEE. We should get our license at arrival. The call sign V73D […]
03-May-2015, 12:49:06 (www.dx-world.net)

MC0SHL – Ramsey Island

MC0SHL team is currently in the final planning stages of their regular trip to Ramsey Island – IOTA EU-124. This year the Team try to have 3 stations on air full time as they are only there for 3 nights from 19.06. until 22.06.2015. Future Details can be found here. QSL via M0URX FIRST FOR […]
03-May-2015, 11:59:48 (www.dx-world.net)

C6AUX – Mayaguana Island

Pete, VE3IKV will be active from the Baycaner Beach Resort at Pirate’s Well on Mayaguana Island in the far southern Bahamas Islands (Grid FL32) on 6 meters CW & SSB from June 22 to July 6, 2015. QSL direct via HC
01-May-2015, 22:06:55 (www.dx-world.net)


Some Pictures from Col as ZF9/ZF2CI Operation from Cayman Brac today. He now is qrt. FIRST FOR IOTA NEWS – DX-WORLD.NET
01-May-2015, 21:33:37 (www.dx-world.net)

TM2BIG – Stagadon Island

F4HAU, Diego – F4FET, Gil – F4HJO, Jerome and SWL Louis will be qrv from Stagadon Island, EU-105 from 14.05 – 16.05.2015. 1 Station will remain until 18.05.2015. Operation is planned to be qrv from 40 to 6m. More details can be found on qrz. FIRST FOR IOTA NEWS – DX-WORLD.NET
01-May-2015, 21:21:43 (www.dx-world.net)

New 2 Meter Transatlantic Propagation On the Air from Ireland

A new 2 meter beacon that automatically listens for and logs responses is on the air from County Cork in Ireland.

Operated on behalf of the Irish Radio Transmitters Society (IRTS) by Tony Baldwin, EI8JK, EI2DKH/b transmits JT65B on 144.488 MHz with a CW identification on every even minute. The station listens for responses on 144.155 MHz on every odd minute. Any call signs received are posted da...

01-May-2015, 19:15:00 (www.arrl.org)

Michael Ossmann, AD0NR, to be Featured TAPR/AMSAT Dayton Dinner Speaker

“Adventures of a Hacker Turned Ham” will be the topic of Michael Ossmann, AD0NR, when he keynotes the ninth annual TAPR/AMSAT Banquet, Friday, May 15, at 6 PM, in association with the 2015 Dayton Hamvention that weekend.

Ossmann grew up as a computer nerd embracing the hacker ethos, and he eventually became interested in the security of wireless systems, such as remote keyless entry, garage door...

01-May-2015, 18:58:00 (www.arrl.org)

The K7RA Solar Update

There were no new sunspots over the past week (April 23-29), even though in the previous seven days there were new sunspots every day, and one day, April 21 had two new ones. The day after the reporting week, April 30, saw two new spots.

Both solar flux and daily sunspot numbers declined. The average daily sunspot number dropped from 120.9 to 60.7, and average daily solar flux went down from 150...

01-May-2015, 18:49:00 (www.arrl.org)