[UPDATE] K1N – Navassa Island DXpediton

K1N Navassa Island Press Release #5 The KP1-5 Project Team would like to report progress in preparations for a late January landing on Navassa is coming along very well! A container is being shipped from Atlanta, GA, to our staging point in the Caribbean. Bob N2OO is our chief pilot and has organized an excellent […]
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Russian ARISS Team Transmitting Slow-Scan TV from the ISS

Several stations around the globe reported receiving slow-scan television (SSTV) images from the International Space Station on December 18. The Russian ARISS announced earlier that it would activate the Amateur Radio SSTV “experiment” from the ISS on 145.800 MHz FM (PD180 mode). Additional transmissions are planned for December 20. All of the images commemorate the birth 80 years ago of Soviet...

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Annual Christmas Eve Fessenden Commemorative Transmission Set

Brian Justin, WA1ZMS, will put his 600 meter Experimental Station WG2XFQ on the air for his annual Christmas Eve transmission. WG2XFQ will transmit on 486 kHz from Forest, Virginia, to mark the 108th anniversary of Reginald Fessenden’s first audio transmission. Historic accounts say Fessenden played the violin and read a brief Bible verse. It’s been reported that other radio experimenters and s...

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ARRL RTTY Roundup is Always a Mid-Contest Season Favorite

Dust off those keyboards! The ARRL RTTY Roundup takes place January 3-4, 2015. It’s very easy to get on RTTY and other digital modes, and some late-model transceivers even have RTTY and other digital capabilities built right into the radio. Participation in this annual operating event has grown along with the enthusiasm for digital modes. In addition to conventional Baudot, RTTY Roundup ops may...

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The K7RA Solar Update

Solar activity made a strong comeback this week, with the average daily sunspot number on December 11-17 rising 57 points to 145.4 from the previous seven days, while average daily solar flux was up 28.1 points to 167.7.

But then toward the end of the week, activity made a large jump, with solar flux at 213.2 on Thursday.

Predicted solar flux is 220, 225, 220 and 210 on December 19-22, then 200, ...

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VP8ROT – Adelaide Island, AN-001

UPDATE – VP8ROT is the base callsign for Rothera Base,  located on Adelaide Island AN-001. The RRS James Clark Ross is due to be at Rothera Base from 27th December for, initially, four nights. With a good wharf I am confident that I will be able to get ashore in the evenings to operate. Due […]
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Christmas and New Year arrangements

This is the penultimate GB2RS broadcast of 2014 and the (more…)
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Youngsters on the Air news

December is Youngsters on the Air month and (more…)
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Island DXpedition to Iran in January

The Rockall DX Group are planning a new challenge for (more…)
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New Director joins RSGB Board

The RSGB Board is delighted to announce the co-option (more…)
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