Where might KC0W go next?

Previously active as T2COW, YJ0COW & 5W0COW with T30COW and H44COW to follow, Tom, KC0W announces: YJØCOW is QRT. I’m going to attempt activating a Top 25 Most Needed entity before starting the T3ØCOW DXpedition. It’s NOT Central Kiribati. (T31)…No promises. Wish me luck. Top 25 Most Wanted here Your guesses welcome.
30-Aug-2016, 21:36:55 (dx-world.net)

FO-29 Satellite Turns 20

It’s been 20 years since the Fuji-OSCAR 29 (FO-29) satellite launched on August 17, 1996, from Japan's Tanegashima Space Center. Its 100 kHz-wide analog Mode V/U transponder continues to serve the Amateur Satellite community, although its packet BBS and digitalker no longer function.

With an apogee of 1323 kilometers, FO-29 provides satellite operators with excellent DX opportunities every few m...

30-Aug-2016, 21:15:00 (www.arrl.org)

PR2GU – Ilha do Guarau, SA-071

PR2GU – Ilha do Guarau, SA-071 September 24/25, 2016.
30-Aug-2016, 20:53:25 (dx-world.net)

SKYWARN Set to Activate in Hawaii as Hurricanes Threaten

A SKYWARN net will activate on August 31 at noon Hawaii Time (2200 UTC) for Hurricane Madeline. It will continue until September 1 at 10 PM HST (0800 UTC on September 2). KH6SW will be on the air from the National Weather Service (NWS) Honolulu Forecast Office on HF, VHF, and UHF frequencies. A second SKYWARN activation for Hurricane Lester will begin on September 2 at 10 PM (0800 UTC on Septem...

30-Aug-2016, 20:24:00 (www.arrl.org)

QSL preview – 5H1XX

30-Aug-2016, 19:16:22 (dx-world.net)

5E3A – Morocco

EA1ACP, EA5HPX, EA7FTR & EB7DX will be active from Rabat, Morocco as 5E3A between September 1-4, 2016. QRV on HF bands. QSL via EA7FTR.
30-Aug-2016, 16:43:27 (dx-world.net)

SV8/IZ4JMA – EU-060 & EU-075

Hello DX World crew! Just wanted to inform you about my upcoming IOTA activities. I will be operating as SV8/IZ4JMA from Skyros Island IOTA EU-060 on September 5-11 and from Aigina Island IOTA EU-075 from September 12-17. Last operation from EU-060 was in 2014 and the claimed % is 36.3 while EU-075 is claimed only […]
30-Aug-2016, 16:06:30 (dx-world.net)

AH0K – Tinian Island

Look for OH6RX and OH7WV to be active as AH0K from Tinian Island, Northern Marianas between September 9-11, 2016. The focus on this trip is preparing the station for upcoming CQWW SSB and CW contests, so QRV when time permits. QSL via OH6GDX.
30-Aug-2016, 12:36:01 (dx-world.net)

Nominations Open for the George Hart Distinguished Service Award

The ARRL will accept nominations until November 1 for the George Hart Distinguished Service Award. The award honors long-time ARRL Communications Manager George Hart, W1NJM (SK), the chief developer of the National Traffic System™ (NTS). An ARRL Charter Life Member, Hart spent more than four decades as a member of the ARRL Headquarters staff and continued to be an active radio amateur and regul...

30-Aug-2016, 00:53:00 (www.arrl.org)

RTTY Contest Champ Don Hill, AA5AU, Achieves Remote Contesting Milestone



Champion RTTY contester Don Hill, AA5AU, of Louisiana may be the first US radio amateur to operate SO2R (single operator, two radio) remotely in an RTTY event. He took part in the SCC RTTY Contest over the August 27-28 weekend via W4AAW in Virginia.

Already an accomplished SO2R RTTY operator, Hill ran the first 2 hours of the contest while operating SO2R remotely. Earlier this year, Alex Tkatc...

30-Aug-2016, 00:50:00 (www.arrl.org)